Birnam wood is moving

I don’t know why Siri doesn’t speak Swedish but she really should because now I can’t write my blog post in Swedish which I want to do but at the same time I’m too tired to write everything so I’m just gonna talk to my phone like a weirdo.
This week has been exam week so we’ve had two tests every day and we’ve only had those two classes during those days.
I think I’ve done okay so far, the hardest one was probably the English test because 50 words of the hundred words that we were tested on I had never seen before, and I know that’s my fault but I really didn’t feel like studying for something that would never matter for me. We’ve read Macbeth the last couple of weeks and it has been a nightmare, I think Shakespeare is meant to be seen and not read. The funny part is that I still have an A in that class even though I never study for it, and I don’t mean that to sound cocky but it really is so much easier in school here than it is in Sweden. This Sunday Alex and I went to target to get some Christmas gifts and stuff and we met up with Catarina, a girl in my yearbook class who has the page in the yearbook with me that’s gonna be about the exchange students at our school so we did an interview with me and my host sister about the whole experience of hosting an exchange student and being an exchange student.
My friends are the sweetest ever, many people gave little gifts for everyone because of exam week, and Christmas presents and candy and stuff like that, so I’ve gotten a lot of things this week and I also made some cute small boxes full of Swedish candy that I gave to my friends. I feel really stupid talking English to my phone right now so I think I’m just gonna keep on typing in Swedish since this feels super weird and will not happen again. Or maybe it will, it was kind of nice actually and it goes so much faster to just talk rather than writing on your phone. But come on Apple, ya’ll need to be more international and develop this function in Swedish too.

Igår var jag på julfest (något som är väldigt vanligt här) och tog en del bilder med kameran som nog kommer komma upp här så småningom!

Jag är så sneaky att jag lyckas ta bild med mobilen i skolan

Det var ett doftljus från Emily!


Ett fint brev (på svenska!!! Cred och kärlek till detta) och halsband från Kyndall




Prov-pepp från de finaste vännerna

En fin scarf från Jordan, till ”The Swede”

Eftersom vi inte hade något prov i yearbook så hade vi julfest istället, tog med oss onyttigheter hemifrån och beställde pizza

Bonfire igår framför poolen



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